Getting excited, bismillah..

Almost less than 3 weeks to the first of September. Getting excited, a bit confused and of course full of blissfulness. Honestly I didn’t make any well preparation, both English writing and German learning. My last German exam at Goethe wasn’t good, the listening part was worse than the previous 😦 Understanding a new language isn’t easy for some people. Yap the more you practice, the more you can. I’ll give my best for the brighter future.

Last month I received an email from my coordinator (future) class that contains the name of my course mates. They started off by introducing themselves to each other, but I’ll do it after everything’s fine (maybe when arriving at Stuttgart, hehehe). I can see that my friends come from various country, such as Pakistan, Uganda, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Palestine, Iran, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Germany and many more. Yap I’ll study at international program taught by English, but as other countries which have own official language, the international student must learn German.

The documents which I’ll bring to the Land of Ideas are ready. But I’m still keeping my laziness to pack my suitcase. I know there are a lot of goods, clothes, accessories and others which I want to carry on my bag. Hmmm maybe tomorrow I’m on fire to do this things, hahaha..

Get excited and enthusiastic about you own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it and see it from a mile away ~ Denis Waitley

Thanks to Allah SWT :)

Couldn’t imagine what can I say, maybe dream comes true will no longer be a quote..

Everyone has a dream, and to make it comes into reality, it takes an awful effort and self-discipline.

There is a long journey to reach my dream. I go confidently in the direction of my dream because several years from now I don’t want to feel more disappointed by the things that I didn’t do than by the ones I did so.


So there’s no impossible dreams if you set yourself on fire 🙂

New Urbanism

In the middle of afternoon, my boss suddenly said that now a new concept of ‘urban’ –he called new urbanism– become popular. Firstly, I wasn’t excited about this concept because I think it has the same meaning as sustainable urban development –people talk about that too much. But, I am still searching for this concept to find out this meaning, and I think this concept is worth it to know.

Based on, new urbanism promotes the creation and restoration of diverse, walkable, compact, vibrant, mixed-use communities composed of the same components as conventional development, but assembled in a more integrated fashion, in the form of complete communities. After I had skimmed this article, I can conclude that new urbanism tries to integrate all aspects. The spesification of new urbanism concept promotes the increased use of trains and light rail, instead of more highways and roads.

There are 10 principles of new urbanism: 1) Walkability, 2) Connectivity, 3) Mixed-Use & Diversity, 4) Mixed Housing, 5) Quality Architecture & Urban Design, 6) Traditional Neighborhood Structure, 7) Increased Density, 8) Smart Transportation, 9) Sustainability and 10) Quality of Life.



Next, I will describe more details this concept and the implementation in our country.

Happy an Awesome New Year :)

311211; 12:00
Today is the last day in 2011.
I’m not a big resolution maker so until now I don’t have some lists what I have to do for this following year. Yeah 2012 is already coming up 🙂
Before entering the new year with everything new -exactly don’t know what is ‘new’-, as usual let’s review our 2011’s resolution. Actually, taun lalu gw ga punya resolusi yang bener2 wah, just want to be a better Muslim and enjoying my new life in Jakarta.
Tapi, bener juga sih harusnya punya resolusi yang lebih spesifik, yang konkrit untuk dikerjain biar hasilnya bisa terukur, apakah yang kita pengen itu tercapai ato ga. Yaaa seperti pepatah ‘tidak ada kata terlambat’ jadi let’s start to make some specific resolutions for 2012.
Pas bgt nih ada artikel Making New Year’s Resolutions? Ask Yourself These 6 Important Questions – World of Psychology by Gretchen Rubin and completely you can read

1. What would make me happier?
Mmm..I think the common answer is staying with lovely family, best friends and helpfully partners, and no exception for me. Tapi untuk berusaha membuat yg lebih spesifik, especially for 2012, I wanna get 5 resolutions. Unfortunately, I can’t write these here cause a bit secret 😀 But, generally my resolutions are about Muslim, study plan, going somewhere and love. Let’s put these on agenda and make sure for the realization. Amin 🙂

2. What is a concrete action that would bring change?
For sure, nyusun aksi konkrit ini yang agak2 susah. Mungkin ngelist resolusi2 apa yang kita pengen sangat gampang, tapi how to implement itu yang kadang ga dipikirin. Okay, untuk kali ini gw harus bener2 mikirin gimana supaya resolusi itu tercapai, jangan let it flow aja -katanya kan planner, being a proud planner hihi- For this 5 things, I will list some concrete actions. I will create its action and target for every month. If I can’t fulfill, there is another action plan.

3. Am I a ‘yes’ resolver or ‘no’ resolver?
Many people begin something with ‘no’ ‘jangan’ ‘ngga’ and other negative statements. Mulailah dengan resolusi yang bersifat positif karena energi positif akan membuat aura di sekelilingmu menjadi positif. Optimis jadi kunci untuk setiap resolusi. So, please be a ‘yes’ resolver 🙂

4. Am I starting small enough?
Mulailah dengah hal2 yang kecil dan mulailah sejak dini. Sebenernya bagus juga kita mulai dengan sebuah mimpi yang besar, yang kemudian ditransfer into a real dream. Tapi, kadang kita suka lupa dengan hanya sebuah mimpi, ya hanya sebuah mimpi, yang entah gimana cara mencapainya. If we are trying to do something small, insya Allah kita lebih mudah untuk menyusun aksi apa yang mau kita lakukan. Misalnya, jika resolusi kita adalah menjadi muslim yang lebih baik -you know it’s so vague- maka aksi konkret yang akan dilakukan sangat banyak, mulai dari shalat wajib tepat waktu, rajin puasa sunah senin-kamis, ga suka menggunjing orang, menjaga kebersihan (sebagian dari iman) and many more. Menjadi muslim yang baik sangat beragam definisinya, bahkan apapun yang kita anggap lakukan dgn baik dapat menjadikan kita sebagai muslim yang baik. Pada akhirnya, kita sulit untuk mengukur ketercapaiannya dan mungkin saja kita sulit untuk mengetahui the best achievementnya, yaa walaupun kita tahu kalau urusan ibadah prinsipnya adalah dilakukan dengan ikhlas dan pahalanya urusan Allah SWT.
Tapi kalau kita mulai dengan resolusi yang spesifik, misalnya rajin mengerjakan ibadah sunah, maka tindakan yang kita lakukan adalah mengerjakan puasa senin-kamis dan puasa sunah lainnya tanpa ada yg tertinggal kecuali kalau memang dalam kondisi tertentu, bangun malam buat shalat tahajud walaupun dgn mata ngantuk, shalat dhuha sebelum mengerjakan pekerjaan kantor biar hati terasa lebih ikhlas untuk bekerja, dan ibadah sunah lainnya yang kita list untuk kita kerjakan.

5. How am I going to hold my self accountable?
Belajarlah untuk accountable terhadap segala sesuatu. For me, kalau di bulan keenam resolusi belom tercapai karena gw males, maka gw harus segera introspeksi diri, dan jangan menutup2i kegagalan pencapaian resolusi itu bukan dari diri sendiri (misalnya menyalahkan keadaan atau bahkan orang lain).

6. Are there any small, nagging issues weighing down my happiness?
Setiap resolusi yang kita buat hanyalah sebuah rencana. So, pasti banyak rintangan untuk mencapainya. Keep fight 🙂

The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.
(Sir James M. Barrie)

Happy an awesome new year 🙂